Westchester County Converts to LED

westchester-led-lightingWHITE PLAINS – The Westchester County Board of Legislators on Monday approved bonding $1.6 million to pay for new LED lighting in several county facilities in White Plains.

They include the Michaelian Office Building, Low-Rise Building, Richard J. Daronco Court House and Annex, White Plains parking structure, 143 Grand Street and 112 East Post Road.

It is estimated the new lighting will reduce electricity costs by 35 percent.

County Legislator Catherine Borgia said the new lighting is “a victory for county taxpayers.”

Catherine Parker, chairwoman of the Energy and Regional Efficiencies Committee, said the county’s “financial challenges can be made much more manageable by exploring energy efficiencies, like converting to LED lighting, on a larger scale than this administration has done in the past.”

The move is just part of a larger plan to reduce the county’s carbon footprint. In March, the Westchester Board of Legislators passed three new pieces of legislation, the “Regional Clean Air Act”, the “Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Implementation Bill” and the “LED Lighting Conversion Act.”

The “LED Lighting Conversion Act”, which would require the County of Westchester to install light emitting diode lights in all County owned facilities over the next three years.  The Cities of Yonkers and New Rochelle have recently seen significant savings from switching streetlights to LED light fixtures similar to the ones proposed in this legislation.

westchester-led-lighting-2Borgia stated, “Simple efficiencies like this are the kind of things that the County Executive has failed to implement and those failures are a significant symbol of why the County’s finances are in shambles.  With the clear scientific facts in support of the benefits of switching to LED lights, I hope we can move swiftly on this item to begin to realize the savings before the next fiscal year.”