Sports Stadiums Make Switch to LED Lighting

led-stadium-lighting-001Now that we know all about the Dallas Cowboys and the millions of dollars they spend on LED lighting projects, it’s important to know that it’s not just the Cowboys but most all major sports teams that are making the switch over to LED lighting.

LED lights are not only brighter, they are more versatile and save money too. As such, it seems many major sports teams these days are trading in their old metal halides for the lighting technology of the future: LED.

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago no one believed LEDs could be used to light such large areas as sporting stadiums. Innovations in LED lighting have widened their lighting areas and now as much as 90 percent of facility owners are now going with LED.

Furthermore, the majority of states within the U.S. have energy rebate programs. A typical rebate is 20-25% of total project.


Why Sporting Venues?

Sports teams are choosing to make the switch to LED for a variety of reasons, including the immense savings on energy costs. According to LED lighting company Ephesus, facilities that convert from metal halide systems to its product save 75-85% on overall energy costs.

In 2012, the War Memorial Arena in Syracuse, New York (home of the AHL’s Syracuse Crunch) reduced its power usage from 263,000 kilowatts to roughly 32,000 kilowatts by switching to LED. An 87% reduction in energy usage equates to real savings.

LED Lights Are Just Better

Sports facility operators also enjoy the quality of lighting provided by LED, which practically eliminates shadows, dark spots and hot sports on the playing surface and the glare in the eyes of the players.

led-stadium-lighting-002In addition to all of the above, high-definition broadcasters are in love with LED lights, as they provide near perfect lighting and diffuse the need for color-correcting and post-production in the truck.

LED currently lights the University of Phoenix stadium, and the Miami Dolphins will be adding an LED lighting system to Sun Life Stadium for 2016. The Minnesota Vikings are building U.S. Bank Stadium with an LED system as well, and 2 other NFL venues are expected to make similar announcements soon.

The New Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, is the first Canadian Football League stadium to purchase an Ephesus LED system.