LED Lighting Helps Reduce Blackouts


If you live on either the East or West Coast, chances are you’ve experienced a blackout. Because of new EPA regulations, adding to existing power plants or building new ones is an expensive option. So what’s the answer? Switching over to LED lighting, city-wide, can help lower total energy output and even reduce blackouts.

Upgrading to LED lighting for homes and businesses may not just be enough.  City-wide, the call for switching over to LED lighting may become an imperative, not just good business sense. For example: a company investing $100,000 in new LED lights may see savings of up to $33,000 per year. That’s a return on investment in just 3 years, and profits through savings from then on.

Countries in Europe have upgraded their systems both country and city-wide, but we’ve yet to see the collective switch over here in the united States. One reason may be the less expensive cost of electricity here in america, but limited supply through new government regulations may just be the catalyst for upgrading just the same.

For those businesses finding it hard to come up with the initial investment, there are government programs in place to help them with the cost. One such program is the Energy Smart Program, and businesses can see as much as $50,000 in cash incentives for upgrading.


Will rolling blackouts continue to be a means for cutting back on energy usage? ABC new reported on march 19th:

“For the first time since January, rolling blackouts were ordered in California today, turning out the lights in approximately 500,000 homes, including some in Beverly Hills.

Officials at California’s Independent System Operator (ISO), which monitors the state’s power grid, called a Stage Three alert at midday because of increased temperatures, a higher power demand and a lack of electricity from the Northwest.

Further complicating the situation was the closure of two power plants.”

So what’s the answer? Reduced energy usage through LED lighting. The switch over begins at home with residential upgrades. Small and medium size business can contribute as well. Large commercial, industrial, and government-run industries add to the mix, but the answer is quite simple: less energy usage through LED lighting is the answer to eliminating blackouts.