DLC Listed

What is DLC?

DLC LogoThe DesignLights Consortium (DLC) is a partner of local energy efficiency groups and utility companies. The DLC is hosted and managed by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP). Its members are organizations located across the United States and Canada that promote utility, state, regional and national energy efficiency programs. The DLC is a voluntary program that applies only to LED/SSL commercial lighting products that are not included in the Energy Star® program

What testing is required for DLC?

There are three primary testing requirements for DLC: LM-79, In-Situ Temperature Measurement and LM-80 testing.

What is the DLC Qualified Products List?

(QPL)? The QPL (Qualified Products List) is a list of LED/SSL products that have been tested at a DLC approved laboratory and that comply with the specified performance and energy efficiency criteria. Visit the DesignLights Consortium website at www.designlights.org.

Who benefits from the DLC?

Manufacturers are given the opportunity to prove whether their LED/SSL lighting products perform as promised and to have their fixtures be considered for incentives from member programs throughout North America.

Utilities and Energy Efficiency groups now have a resource to utilize for determining which commercial LED/SSL lighting products to include in incentive programs.

End-Users are confident in knowing that the products have passed the required testing and that they are more likely to perform over their rated lives.

Governing bodies benefit from increased efficiencies and reduced energy demands.